Sepahan Cement Company was established in 1348, forty-five kilometers southwest of Isfahan, to produce gray cement, and was put into operation in 1979.
Sepahan Cement Company with three production lines and a production capacity of 4,000,000 tons of cement is one of the largest cement producers in the country and using the most advanced equipment and machinery, in accordance with international standards, produces and markets its products. And is responsible for a major share of the supply of cement required for development projects in the country. Sepahan Cement Company is the selected green industry in the country and is the only producer of slag cements in the country.
Sepahan Cement Company, believing in creating a variety of products according to customer needs and producing quality cements and utilizing equipment and laboratory facilities and the potential of specialized manpower, the ability to produce 12 types of cement, including Portland cement, Portland slag, calcareous, It has pozzolanic and composite and due to its long history in producing various types of slag cement and extensive research and applied studies and acquiring technical knowledge, and operating the Department of Cement and Slag Disorders, as the first and only producer of this type of cement based He is the national governor of Iran and Europe.
Due to the existence of specialized personnel and the use of the latest technology in the world in production lines and access to desirable mines, it promises to our dear customers that this company creates a suitable field for selecting and consuming different types of cements with special applications by creating a variety of products. Extensive provided.